Bot Creator overview

A bot is a self-contained task designed to run with little-to-no human intervention. The Bot Creator is the Automation Anywhere proprietary development client used to author bots. This includes Task Editor, event watcher, bot Player, Auto Login, and local scheduler.

The Bot Creator has the permission to create bots using the Enterprise Client application from a device. After the Bot Creator user logs in the first time, the device is registered with the Control Room and the user can deploy bots on that device.

The Bot Creator contains user interface components and background services.

Bot Creator user interface and background components

Bot Creator user interface components include:
Task editor
A workbench used when creating a bot. It provides a commands panel, task actions list for design or code views, actions buttons, variable manager panels, filters, and search. See Create a bot.
Event watcher
An executable service. See Viewing System Logs.
Graphical reports that display the status of tasks and workflows, as well as the ROI over time. See What is a Report?.
Bot Player
Service invoked by the Enterprise Client. See Postupgrade checklist.

Bot Creator background services provide the following functions:

Bots logging into the target machines to complete tasks, using the provided credentials.
Control Room communications
Managing communication between the Enterprise Client and Control Room.
Local scheduler
Component that runs the bots per the specified schedule on the machine that is local relative to the bot tasks.


TaskBots: are used to automate rule-based business processes which use structured data. TaskBots are built using solution accelerators (such as SMART Recorder, extensive command library) available in Bot Creator. TaskBots are built for Object-based, Image-based or Coordinate-based automation, depending on the application type. TaskBot properties can also be configured to set automation triggers, execution priority, bot timeout, bot re-runs, alert notifications and security controls.


MetaBots: are reusable automation building blocks which deliver speed and scalability to the automation landscape. You can build MetaBots and reuse them across hundreds of TaskBots and, as a result, accelerate time to value. MetaBots enables compliance to organizational Standard Operating Procedures (SPOs) since MetaBots automation must be used as a black box and cannot be altered. MetaBots facilitates offline automation by allowing automation creation even when live application is not available. MetaBots provide extensibility to the AAE platform by enabling API-based integration with third-party applications. Automations created using MetaBots can be calibrated against any changes in the business application. This means that entire automation need not be changed with change in application and makes the automation resilient.