Enterprise 11: Export data to CSV

You can export data to a CSV file. You can export selected records, all records, or filtered records.

You can use any of the following options from the Export items to CSV menu to export the data:
  • Export checked items: Exports the records you have selected from the table.
  • Export filtered items: Exports the records available after applying filters from the table.
  • Export ALL items: Exports all the records available in the table.
    Note: You can export a maximum of 100,000 records at a time.
  • You must have the View user basic permission in order to export the basic information about other users to the CSV file.
  • The historical data of a deleted bot is also exported in the CSV file.

The time required to export data to a CSV file might vary based on the number of records being exported. A message appears on the screen if the time required to export the data is more than 2 seconds. The CSV file is available for download after it is generated.

The Export items to CSV option is disabled when exporting the data. However, you can perform other operations in the Control Room. The system creates an audit entry only if the export process fails.

Important: If you refresh the Control Room while the export is in progress, the export process fails.