Uninstall or repair Enterprise Client installation

The process to uninstall or repair the Enterprise Client.


To uninstall, go to Control Panel → Programs and Features. Select the desired Enterprise Client file and click Uninstall.

Alternatively, choose to remove the Enterprise Client by launching the Setup Wizard:
  1. Select Remove.
  2. Click Next.

Do not shut down the machine immediately after uninstalling the Enterprise client. The uninstall process takes up to a couple of minutes to uninstall the Automation Anywhere language pack after successfully uninstalling the Enterprise Client.

Note: The uninstall process for the Enterprise Client does not remove all related folders, for example, the Client Repository folder.

When uninstalling the Enterprise Client from a Citrix or a terminal server environment, the Automation Anywhere language packs (User Document, Public Document, Linguify Language pack, and Linguify applications) might not be uninstalled by the uninstall process. You must uninstall them manually from the Control Panel.


Use the repair option to reinstall all the program features that were installed during the initial setup run.

  1. Launch the Automation Anywhere Setup Wizard and select the Repair option.
  2. Click Next.