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Automation Anywhere Version 11.3

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Version Release Notes

  • Actualizado: 2020/12/18
    • Estudio 11.3.x
    • Explorar
    • Enterprise

Version Release Notes

Review the fixed features and known limitations in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room and Enterprise Client. There are no new features or security fixes in this release.

The Control Room Version update is available for the base Version 11.3.1. See Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations.

Fixed features

Control Room
Service Cloud case ID Description
00644264 You can now successfully upgrade to a later version of the Control Room if you have configured a new database server. Previously, the installation failed because the installer tried to connect to the old database server.
00668858 The time taken to deploy bots containing large dependencies is now improved. Previously, bots with large dependencies took a long time to deploy.
Enterprise Client
Service Cloud case ID Description
00675853 Bots created earlier than the JRE patch upgrade to 261 using the Object Cloning command now execute successfully. If the bot execution fails for any reason, capture the specific action again.

Known limitations

Control Room
You cannot upgrade from Version to Version 11.3.3. The upgrade fails with an error message due to a failure to create Control Room database tables.
When you upgrade from Control Room Version 11.3.1 to Version or later, the Enterprise Client (connected devices) is disconnected. Manually log in again to each of the connected devices after upgrading all the nodes.
Enterprise Client
In the Object Cloning command, the Select Item By Text action used with the combo box does not display the list items.

Workaround: To use Select Item By Text with the combo box, enter the item names in the field or use a variable.

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