Error Handling command

Use the Error Handling command to aid in debugging when running the Task Bot / MetaBot Logic.

Begin Error Handling
Specifies whether to continue or stop if an error occurs in the Task and sets Task Status, depending on the error handling action.
  • Take Snapshot: If an error occurs, takes a snapshot of the screen and optionally saves it to a file.
  • Run Task: Runs another Task Logic when the current Task Logic encounters an error.
    Note: Use the variable $AAApplicationPath$ in the Select Task field, to avoid task failure when the Task is deployed from the Control Room.
  • Log data into file: Logs the error into a new file or appends it to an existing file.
    • Users can log the error line number and description using the system variables $Error Line Number$ and $Error Description$.
    • Select the encoding type: ANSI (default), Unicode, or UTF-8.
      Note: If appending data to an exisiting file, ensure the selected encoding type matches the encoding type of the file. Otherwise, the data might not log into the file.
    • Add Timestamp (optional): Select the check box to add a time stamp to the log file.
  • Send Email (optional): Select the check box to send an email for an error with an attached snapshot or a list of the values of all System Variables and User-Defined Variables.
    • Enter sender's and receiver's email address in the From and Email fields respectively.
    • Enter a Subject for an error email notification. You can also use System Variables and User-defined Variables to define the subject. For example: Use the $AATaskName$ variable in the subject to indicate about an error of a specific task.

    By default, the Email, From, and Subject fields are populated with the values defined in the Email Notification, see Configuring email settings. You can also modify the values by adding the System Variables and User-defined Variables using F2 key.

    Note: You must enter Email, From, and Subject to configure the Send Email notification.
  • Variable Assignment (optional): To assign a value to a the variable, select the check box, then press the F2 key.
End Error Handling
Closes command.
When Secure Recording Mode is enabled:
Images are not captured.