Add a Screen using OCR

You can add a screen to a MetaBot using an OCR engine.

To add a screen in the MetaBot using OCR, do the following steps:


  1. Click Add Screen in the MetaBot Designer.
    The Open Screens window appears.
    Tip: If Add Screen is not visible, expand the MetaBot Designer window.
  2. Select OCR for the capture type.
    This option allows you to capture objects from the application images that are exposed over applications such as Citrix or RDP. When capturing screens with OCR, ensure that the screen DPI is set to Standard or 100%.

    The OCR engines available for selection are: ABBYY, MODI, TESSERACT and TOCR. See OCR Command.

    ABBYY is the default OCR engine for Enterprise Client Version 11.3.2. See Enterprise 11: Configure ABBYY for Automation Anywhere.

    Note: These options are available only when you create a screen and not when you record a screen.
  3. Click the screen to add.
    A thumbnail of the screen is visible when it is added as an asset.

Next steps


You can convert existing bots created in Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode using the Bot conversion utility. With Internet Explorer mode enabled, you can now run your automation in Microsoft Edge. Additionally, you can create bots as the system now supports the Microsoft Edge browser.

All the MetaBots require logic to enable its assets to work. Create Logic for a MetaBot is the next step in the parent task Create a basic MetaBot.