Manage devices

As a Control Room admin or a user with manage devices privileges, you can view the devices that are registered to your Enterprise Control Room instance.

Device privileges include viewing and managing Bot Runners, Bot Creators, and creating and managing device pools.

Only an admin user has access to see all the devices (Bot Runners and Bot Creators) in the Control Room. A non-admin user will not have access to view the Bot Creators.

View device details

You can view the following details of the device:

  • Status – View the combined status of the user and the device used by that user. The Connected and Disconnected statuses indicate whether the bot is logged in or logged out of the Control Room respectively. An Offline status indicates that the device user is unregistered or disabled by the Control Room admin.
  • Device name – View the device's fully qualified server name.
  • Username – View the name of the user connected with the device.
  • Device pool – View the name of the device pool that includes the device. N/A indicates that the device cannot be a part of any device pool and - - indicates that the device is not a part of any device pool.

    Manage device pools

  • Type – View the type of license assigned by the Control Room admin.
  • Work item ID – View the ID of the Work Item that is currently processed by the device. This column is hidden by default.
  • Queue name – View the name of the queue that is currently processed by the device. This column is hidden by default.

Manage devices with a task

You can perform a task on an individual device or on multiple devices by selecting the required devices from the table. Perform the following tasks to manage the devices:

You can also perform the following actions on the selected devices:

  • Export data to a CSV file based on month, filters, or selection to save the data for future analysis.
  • Refresh table to view the latest device status.
  • Customize columns to show or hide specific columns. By default, all the columns are shown.

Work efficiently with device entries

You can perform the following actions on a column in the My Devices table to help you work efficiently:

  • Click a column to sort it in an ascending or descending order. You can sort up to three columns using the Shift key, enabling you to sort two additional columns. The entire table is sorted rather than just the data that is currently visible to you. The last sorting done by the user is saved for that session.
  • Drag and drop to move the column to the left or right.
  • Move your mouse pointer at the end of the column and drag it to resize the column.