Read a successfully digitized document using Task Bot

Use a Task Bot to read a processed document from a CSV file.


Typically, the .csv output directly reflects the sequence in which fields are selected while creating a learning instance. Fields added later by editing a learning instance are displayed at the end. However, all .csv files generated for the same learning instance is not guaranteed to have the same sequence of header fields. This occurs because some features such as Nested Table and Multi Table, which have their own specialized configuration at the bot level, alter the field sequence based on how that bot is configured during training.

Therefore, you should access the output .csv file using field names instead of index in header.


  1. On the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client Editor UI, drag the Read From CSV/Text command from the Commands list to the Task Actions List panel.
  2. Do the following
    1. Choose Select File to read the file.
    2. Choose fromDelimiter, Header and Trim modes, as appropriate.
  3. Select Encoding > UTF-8 to ensure all the special characters from different languages appear accurately.
  4. Click Save to add the command to the Task Action List panel.
  5. Use $Filedata Column$ variable to specify the CSV column for extraction.

The following example uses the Read From CSV/Text command with the loop command to read digitized documents in the CSV format, from the IQ Bot Success path.

$Filedata Column(1)$ returns the value from the first column. $Filedata Column(2)$ returns the value from the second column. The Loop iterates through each record in the CSV file and returns values for the first and second columns. Use these values for further automation, as required.
Tip: In the $Filedata Column(name)$, the name could be $Filedata Column(Invoice_Date)$.

Next steps

After upgrading from a previous version of IQ Botto the latest installed version, if you are using a Task Bot to read the output CSV, change the encoding in the Read from CSV command in the Task Bot to UTF-8.