Keep learning instance document classifier version during IQ Bot upgrade

After upgrading to another version of IQ Bot, retain the previous document classifier version. This lets user access the learning instances created in the other version of IQ Bot, and also saves the effort of re-creating and retraining the bots after an upgrade.

  1. During the IQ Bot installation process, after configuring the IQ Bot installation and output folder path, verify the classifier version page appears. The document classifier is specific to the learning instance, and not to the IQ Bot system
  2. Select the previous classifier version from the drop-down list to preserve the existing learning instances' classifier version. This allows access to the learning instances created in the previous version of IQ Bot, and avoids retraining the bots.
  3. After installation, open the existing learning instances in the IQ Bot Version 6.5 UI. The bots show the same classification and text segmentation in the upgraded version of IQ Bot as in the previous version because the user chose to preserve the previous classifier version during installation. If the user exports or imports IQ Bot Archive (IQBA) files from one Version 6.5 machine to the same or another Version 6.5 machine, the existing learning instances and functions are preserved.