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Uninstall previous version of RabbitMQ / Erlang/OTP

  • Updated: 11/05/2021
    • 11.3.x
    • Install
    • IQ Bot

Uninstall previous version of RabbitMQ / Erlang/OTP

When upgrading to IQ Bot Version 11.3.x, you need to uninstall the previous version of RabbitMQ / Erlang/OTP.

Except for a fresh installation of IQ Bot Version 11.3.x, all upgrades to Version 11.3.x require you to uninstall older RabbitMQ Erlang/OTP instances.

Follow these steps to uninstall RabbitMQ or Erlang/OTP:


  1. Uninstall existing RabbitMQ and Erlang/OTP from the Control Panel.
  2. Run the Cleanup_Components.bat file as an administrator.
  3. Restart your machine.
  4. After running the scripts, verify that RabbitMQ and Erlang/OTP are removed completely. If not, uninstall them manually to delete any remaining files from the program files folder, and then repeat Step 3.
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