Rename tables and repeated sections

Rename tables and repeated sections in the Designer, and identify their content.


In the Learning Instance tab, click Create Bot to bring up the Designer. In the middle panel, edit the default name of the first table/repeated section (Table-repeated-section-1), to describe the content.


  1. In the left panel, select Add Table to add a new table. The new default table name appears in the left and middle panels with a placeholder name. Provide a suitable name.
  2. In the setting option of the middle panel, enter up to 30 characters to provide a new/revised table name.
  3. After saving the table name, the updated name displays in the left panel, describing the content.
  4. On trying to save a name that is a duplicate table/field/repeated section name, a text box with a red border and a tooltip displays showing an error message.
  5. In the left panel, clicking out of current settings without entering a table/repeated section name shows an error icon in the left panel, and a corresponding error message in the middle panel.
  6. Failing to enter valid names for all table/repeated sections disables the See Extraction Results (Preview) and Save buttons to prevent user from proceeding any further.