IQ Bot 11.x: Map a field

The Designer opens with the field panel displayed. Correct and re-map the fields, and map new ones as required.

For mapping a system identified region (SIR) as a field, do the following:


  1. For a selected SIR, select type from the Type drop down list.
  2. Map the field label and field values separately by clicking the Draw icon next to the Label and Value fields. Draw a rectangle around the label and value. The value is detected and shows up in the validation pane.
    If a mapped field has multiple SIRs, then select any one of the SIR and add the whole key words in the Label field. For example, if you have two SIRs such as: Invoice and Number, then add the whole key words Invoice Number in the Label field.
  3. Click Save and close.
    When you accept the system-detected value mapping for a field, the value stays relative to the field. In some cases, in a different document type, even if the value of the field appears in another location, the system is able to detect it.
  4. Click Validation Options to validate the field against a set of predefined parameters.
    For validation, type the End with, and pattern fields when mapping document groups. Additionally, you can also use list validation if the field data type is text.
  5. Click Save to confirm your changes.
    It is mandatory to map all the required fields and table columns defined at the time of creating the learning instance. If any of the required fields is not mapped, a greyed out check icon displays next to the document class. It continues to display until you complete mapping all the required fields and table columns.