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IQ Bot 11.x: Ports and services

  • Updated: 2022/08/30
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IQ Bot 11.x: Ports and services

Find out a list of port numbers for all services used for IQ Bot.

Important: Configure to expose the following as inbound listening ports:
  • 47100-47200 on IQ Bot server for IQ Bot-Control Room communication.
  • 47100-47200 and 47500-47600 on Control Room server.

The following table displays port numbers for all services used in IQ Bot:

Service / Micro service Protocol Source Destination Port number Notes
Web Server (NodeJS) IQ Bot Portal HTTP/S Load Balancer IQ Bot application server 3000 Port 3000 needs to be opened on the Windows Application Server so browser sessions can send requests through the Load Balancer.
RabbitMQ v3.8.18 Cluster Server HTTP/S Other IQ Bot Applications Server in same cluster IQ BotApplication Server (part of cluster) 4369/25672 Needs to be open on each IQ Bot Application Server so RabbitMQ v3.8.18 can work within a cluster.
Automation Anywhere Control Room HTTP/S Client web browsers IQ Bot application server 80 This port is required to handle Control Room and IQ Bot traffic, and enable internet communication.
Firewall/TLS HTTPS Load Balancer IQ Bot application server 443 Default HTTPS TLS port.
Alias HTTP/S - - 9997 Used internally within server.
Application HTTP/S - - 9002 Used internally within server.
RabbitMQ v3.8.18 TCP/IP - -
  • 5672
  • 5673
Used internally within server.
Gateway HTTP/S Load Balancer IQ Bot application server 8100 Used internally within server.
File Manager - - - 9996 Used internally within server.
Microsoft SQL Server TCP/IP IQ Bot application server SQL server 1433 Used by micro services.
Machine Learning - - - 9991 Used internally within server.
Project - - - 9999 Used internally within server.
Report - - - 9992 Used internally within server.
Validator - - - 9995 Used internally within server.
VisionBot Manager - - - 9998 Used internally within server.

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