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Performance report page

  • Updated: 2021/11/05
    • 11.3.x
    • Build
    • IQ Bot

Performance report page

The performance report page displays the details of a learning instance in the production environment.

Navigate to My learning instances > Production button to view the Performance report page showing details of all learning instances in the production environment.

Note: The Performance report page is not available for learning instances that are in the staging environment.

The top right corner of the performance report page displays the percentage of bots trained for the learning instance. The following is an example of how to interpret the percentage information.

Cathy has uploaded 10 documents and has created three bots for the learning instance:
  • Bot1
  • Bot2
  • Bot3
Of these, three documents are a part of Bot1, four documents of Bot2, and three documents of Bot 3. When Cathy sets Bot1 into the production environment, the label displays 33% as the percentage of bots trained for the learning instance, which means that 3 out the 10 (33%) uploaded documents (for Bot1) have been trained.
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