Installation limitations

Learn about the installation limitations before installing IQ Bot.

Database encryption limitations

Installation time increases when encryption of the SQL database backup file is in progress, and also when the database backup file size increases.

The encryption process of the SQL database might result in the creation of large transaction logs. Allocate at least 3 to 4 times more disk space than the database backup file size.

IQ Bot has been tested for basic compatibility with Microsoft Azure databse with single database PaaS. However, the functionality for the following scenarios was not fully verified:

  • IQ Bot services configured in the Active Directory
  • IQ Bot Portal secured with HTTPS
  • IQ Bot operating in a Cluster mode
  • Using Microsoft Windows authentication to connect to the database
  • Microsoft Windows authentication with the local system works only if the NT Authority/System user has system administration permissions.
  • The combination of Local System Account for service credentials and Microsoft Windows authentication for the SQL connection is not supported if you are using the remote SQL server to create databases.