Start training in Designer

After creating a learning instance, click the Train button to launch the Designer window to create or edit a bot in that learning instance.

The Designer window opens and shows the first document in line for training, with automapped fields. Define and map the form and table fields, and also verify the automapped fields to verify or remap them, if required. The document name appears in the following format:

Group Name > Document Class Name [File name].

If the name of a document is too long, move your mouse over the partial name to show the full name of the document as a tool tip.

In the Designer, the left panel shows the training panel with fields and table headers of the newly added document class. The center panel shows the auto-mapped values, and lets you select/verify them. The right panel shows the document under training.

A bot can be accessed by a single user at a time. If it is in use by another user, the open bot option is disabled.

Use the Zoom in, Zoom out, or Fit to screen icons at the bottom of the document pane to adjust the display size of the document in training. Use the pagination arrows to move to a different page in the document.

Note: If you are inactive in IQ Bot for 20 minutes, the system logs you off and redirects you to the login page.
Tip: Learn how to convert PDF files to TIFF files:

How to convert PDF files to TIFF files (A-People login required)