Using Automation 360 connector in Workato Recipes

Use the Automation 360 connector from your Workato recipes to perform various actions in the Automation 360 Control Room.


The examples and graphics provided on this page are for representation purposes only and may not accurately reflect your specific instance. We do not assume responsibility for their maintenance or accuracy.

After installing the Automation 360 connector and establishing connection with the Control Room, you can send requests from your Workato recipes. If you do not have a Connection created from a previous recipe, you will be prompted to create one. For more information, see Install and connect A360 connector in Workato.

You can start with an existing recipe, or follow these steps to Create a new recipe.

In the following example a new recipe is created to List Users in the Automation 360 Control Room.
  1. Go to the Workato Projects page and click Create Recipe.
  2. Enter a name for your recipe.
  3. In the Location drop-down list, select a project to add the recipe.
  4. Select how to start the recipe. For example, Run on a schedule runs the recipe at a specified time interval.
  5. Click Start building.
    Create new recipe in Workato

You can use the Automation Anywhere connector in any Workato Recipe as follows.

  1. In the recipe editor, click the plus sign (+) to add an action.
  2. Select Action in an app.
  3. Select Automation Anywhere in the right window.
  4. Choose an action from the list. For example: List Users.
  5. Select a connection that you have established with the Automation 360 Control Room.
  6. Enter the required details. For more information on the required parameters, see Actions.
  7. Click Test to run the recipe. An example of creating a recipe with List Users action is shown in the following video.

  8. A successfully completed response will retrieve a list of users from the Automation 360 Control Room and is displayed as follows:
    List of users retrieved from Automation 360 control room