Create Bot Runner user for Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft

Create a Bot Runner user to establish a connection to the connector. This connection allows the connector permission to access the Control Room and to run a bot and pass data.


  1. Create a Bot Runner user to connect to the connector:
    1. Click Create user.
      The icon is located at the top-right of the Users table.
      The Create user page is displayed.
    2. In the General Details section, enter the following user details:
      Enable User
      Select the check box so that the user can log in immediately.
      Enter a unique user name.
      Optional: Enter a description for the user.
      First name
      Optional: Enter the first name of the user.
      Last name
      Optional: Enter the last name of the user.
      Enter and confirm a password for the user. Ensure that the password follows any necessary password policy.
      Enter and confirm the email address for the user. If SMTP is enabled, the user is sent an email to this address to confirm the account. All important Control Room notifications will be sent to this email address.
    3. In the Select roles section, select the AAE_Basic role from the Available roles table.
    4. Click the right arrow to move the role to the selected column.
    5. Assign the Unattended Bot Runner - Run-time license to the user.
    6. Scroll up to the Device login credentials section.
    7. Enter the Username and Password (optional) for the device from where the Bot Runner account intends to run the bot. Use your Windows credentials.
    8. Click Create user.
      The new user is displayed in the User table. If SMTP is enabled, an email will be sent to the new user inviting them to log in.
  2. Depending on whether you are using 11.3.x or A2019, perform the appropriate steps:
    Control Room Version 11.3 or later and Enterprise Client Version or later

    Log in to the Enterprise Client using the Bot Runner user credentials and establish a connection to the Control Room.

    1. Open the Enterprise Client.
    2. Enter the Control Room URL in the prompted format: https://<hostname>:<port>.

      The Enterprise Client login requires connecting to a Control Room.

      If an Access Manager Reverse Proxy server is used for a secure connection, for example, IBM WebSEAL, then enter the Reverse Proxy server URL instead of the Control Room URL.

    3. Enter your Control Room Bot Runner user credentials.
    4. Click Login.
    Automation 360 Install the Bot Agent on your local machine to register your device to the Control Room.

    Install Bot agent and register device