Visibility Filter in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

Hide and display bots in the Automation Launcher component by constructing the conditions of relevant scenarios using the Visibility Filter feature.

Why use the Visibility Filter

While using Automation Anywhere for Salesforce, you might not need all the bots to be always available to you. Instead, if bot availability is based on the relevance of the record status to the process being automated, the Automation Launcher component will be more effective. For example, if an account has not been verified, then displaying the credit check bot only adds clutter to the Automation Launcher component. Also, if agents know that only the relevant bots appear in the Automation Launcher, they are more likely to use this resource as a guide to move business forward.

By constructing conditions where bot configurations are relevant, you can filter bots to be visible only in effective scenarios. This is an optional feature, but it can add value to business by guiding agents with bot suggestions. To configure the Visibility Filter feature for your bot configuration, consider the following details to construct conditions that apply to your organization.

Construct conditions to filter visibility

You can construct a condition by defining a set of three variables, which are described in the following table:
Field Operator Value
Select the Salesforce field that determines your condition value. Select the relationship between the field and and the value. This can be equal, not equal, or contains. Define the condition value of the Salesforce field you selected. You can enter true/false, number, date, or string.
When constructing a condition, consider the following details:
  • Conditions define when a bot should be visible.
  • Every condition must reconcile to be true.
  • You can construct any number of conditions.
  • Each condition will incrementally narrow scenarios where the bot will be visible.

Visibility Filter example

In the following example, three conditions constitute the whole Visibility Filter. You will also notice that each condition is constructed of the three variables: field, operator, and value. The variables are used in different methods to narrow resulting scenarios.

The bot is visible on records where Condition 1 , Condition 2 , and Condition 3 are all true.
Example use case of visibility filter