Bot automations in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

Access wizards for new connections, configuring bots, accessing documentation, and contacting Automation Anywhere Support.

Use the default Home tab in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce to access wizards for set up that initialize the connector to run bots.

Tiles for each wizard provide you access to the following:

  1. Connect to your Control Room

    Use this wizard to name and authenticate connections to your Automation Anywhere Control Room for the connector.

  2. Create new bot configurations in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

    Use this wizard to configure settings for bots such as Bot to Execute from the Control Room, Run as User, Device Pool, Salesforce Object, and Field Mappings.

  3. Monitoring dashboard of Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

    View stats and analytics of Automation Anywhere for Salesforce.

  4. Automate processes

    Access documentation that provides reference material and instructions to enhance your experience.