Install the Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector

Use the Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft add-on to automate MuleSoft business processes by running bots directly from MuleSoft Anypoint Studio without switching to the Automation Anywhere Enterprise interface for those functions.


Install MuleSoft Anypoint Studio.


  1. Download the Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector.
    1. In a browser, go to and log in.
      Alternatively, from your MuleSoft Anypoint Studio Platform, click Exchange Discover & Share.
    2. On the left panel, click All assets.
    3. Search for Automation Anywhere and click the connector tile that is displayed.
    4. From the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Connector page, click Download.
  2. Add the Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector to your MuleSoft Anypoint Studio project.
    1. From MuleSoft Anypoint Studio workspace, click Mule Palette > Search in Exchange.
    2. From the Add Dependencies to Project dialog box, in the Available modules field, search for Automation Anywhere.
    3. Select the Automation Anywhere module from the Available modules list, click Add, and then click Finish.
      The Automation Anywhere module is listed on the left in the Mule Palette. On the right are listed four operations: Get Bot Activity, On Bot Result, Run Bot, and Run Bot Async.
  3. Add bot function to Mule integration flow:
    1. From the MuleSoft Anypoint Studio workspace, select Package Explorer > package_name > src/main/mule (Flows) > New > Mule Configuration File.
    2. Assign a filename for the configuration file, and click Finish.
  4. Configure the connections between the Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector and the Control Room:
    1. With your configuration file selected, drag elements from your Mule Palette. Drag the bot activity to the configuration screen.
    2. Edit the Mule Properties to configure the selected bot activity.