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Run a bot using RPA Bots for Salesforce

  • Updated: 5/03/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • AARI
    • Process flow

Run a bot using RPA Bots for Salesforce

As a Salesforce user, you can either launch bots from a specific record detail page where the AAIRPA Bot Launcher for Salesforce is made available to you, or if the Process Builder or Flow Builder is configured to launch bots in response to a change event of a specific object in Salesforce.


The following should be set up and configured before attempting to run a bot:
  • Control Room with desired bot available
  • Salesforce Org with AAIRPA Bot Launcher added to record pages where bots will be launched
  • RPA Bots for Salesforce connector configured with Control Room and bot configuration for the bot being launched
If any of the above are not complete, please follow those particular configuration instructions found in the RPA Bots for Salesforce overview.

RPA Bots for Salesforce

The following example illustrates how to run a bot for a tech support case. In this example, the bot configuration has been mapped to the Case object. Perform the same steps when executing a TaskBot from any Salesforce Cloud page. You can trigger bots automatically every time you perform these activities.


  1. Log in to Salesforce using your standard Salesforce user credentials.
  2. Click App Launcher.
  3. Select Service.
  4. Click the Cases tab from the Service Cloud page.
  5. Click the Case number assigned to you.
    On the Case detail page, the AAIRPA Bot Launcher appears with one or more pre-configured Bots for you to run.
  6. Click Run to execute the TaskBot associated with the tech support case number.
    A toast message appears: Bot Successfully launched. The runtime window is displayed.
    Note: The bot status will be updated only once, 5 seconds after it is triggered. After this, you can use Refresh to manually check the status and the View History button to review past bot executions.
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