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Relationships of RPA Bots for Salesforce

  • Updated: 8/09/2021
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Relationships of RPA Bots for Salesforce

RPA Bots for Salesforce offers multiple connections that serve diverse functions for Salesforce users. While the connector hosts the secure connection of the Automation Anywhere Control Room, the connector also hosts fundamental bot configurations used by specialized Automation Anywhere apps.

While the primary function of RPA Bots for Salesforce is to bridge communications and interactions between Salesforce and the Automation Anywhere Control Room, the connector also serves as the foundation of other apps that Automation Anywhere offers Salesforce users. Each app offered by Automation Anywhere is designed to automate a specific Salesforce process by using a specific bot, created and powered by the Automation Anywhere Control Room. For a bot to automate an app, users must create and save a bot configuration in the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector.

This Bot configurations feature is used to fulfill all Salesforce connection and data mapping requirements that bots need in order to collect and transfer data from one record to the next. Users access these bot configurations through the connector and assign them during the setup of the Automation Anywhere app. Automation Anywhere uses this modular design to combine the flexibility and security of the connector with the power of focused apps, empowering Salesforce users to customize their automation experience to their specific needs.

The following image illustrates the relationships among the discussed elements:relationships of the connector

Currently, the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector is the foundation for the following apps:
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