Install and connect A360 connector in Workato

Install the Automation Anywhere connector in Workato and establish a connection to start using the Automation 360 actions in different Workato Recipes.


The examples and graphics provided on this page are for representation purposes only and may not accurately reflect your specific instance. We do not assume responsibility for their maintenance or accuracy.

The Automation Anywhere connector is easy to install and use for both citizen developers and first-time users. You can install the Automation Anywhere connector in Workato by performing the following steps:
  1. Log in to Workato with your credentials.
  2. Go to Community library and click Custom connectors.
  3. Search for Automation Anywhere in the search box and select the Automation Anywhere connector.
  4. Click Install connector.
  5. After you install the connector, you must select Release latest version to start using the Automation Anywhere connector in your Recipes.


The Connection dialog box uses the Automation 360 API to create a connection to a specific Control Room. After you establish the connection, you can use the actions in different Recipes to perform various operations.

  1. To establish a connection, go to the Workato Connections tab and click Create Connection.
  2. Enter the following details:
    1. Connection name: Provide a name for your connection.
    2. Location: Select a project to establish a connection within the recipes in that project.
    3. Authtype: Select the authorization type as Password or API key.
    4. Username: Enter your Automation 360 Control Room username.
    5. Password or API Key: Depending on the Authtype selected, enter the password or API key for your username.
    6. Control room URL: Provide the URL for your Control Room.

    Establish connection from Workato to Automation 360
  3. Click Connect.
Here is an example of a successfully established connection to the Automation 360 Control Room.
Successful connection to Automation 360 Control Room
Note: The logged-in user must have relevant roles, access, and permissions within the Automation Anywhere Automation 360 Control Room to use all the actions in this connector.