Prerequisites for Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

Before you begin using the Automation Anywhere Automation Anywhere for Salesforce solution, verify your system meets the prerequisites.

Control Room requirements

Before you begin running bots, ensure you have access and permission to the following Control Room settings:

  • IP address or URL to your Control Room with a secure, online internet connection.
  • Control Room login information with user name and password.
  • One or more Bot Creator licenses.
  • One or more unattended Bot Runner licenses.
  • Control Room admin account to view, create, and configure users, roles, or device pools.
  • The Create device pools feature permission or the AAE_Pool Admin role must be assigned to you if you plan to assign bots to device pools for execution.

Requirements to deploy bots using Run Locally option

In some cases, admins might want to supervise bots while returning data, like a case dealing with sensitive information. We offer a process for this called attended automation. The following link offers more context to this process.

Attended and Unattended automation
To use this process in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce, admins choose the Run Locally feature when setting up their bot configuration. A bot run locally will run on the Control Room default device associated with the Salesforce user, offering the option to supervise. To successfully run locally the following requirements must be true.
  • The connection used must be for admin users.
  • The email address used in the Control Room must match the email address used in Salesforce.
  • An Attended license type must be assigned to the user.
  • The user must have their device connected to their Control Room.

System requirements

Verify devices (local, remote, or both) that are used for the Automation Anywhere for Salesforce connector for Salesforce meet the following system requirements.
Note: You can manage devices registered to the Control Room from the DEVICES tab.
  • Set your local device credentials for any device that is connected to the Control Room. This is a one-time setup for each device. Ensure each device that you use accepts the credentials in your profile.

    Set user device credentials

  • Register your device and install the latest Bot Agent version on the machine.

    Install Bot agent and register device