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Run RPA Bots for G Suite

  • Updated: 11/03/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • AARI
    • Process flow

Run RPA Bots for G Suite

Run a TaskBot with input and output variables using the RPA Bots for G Suite add-on.


  • Receive appropriate user credentials to perform bot tasks.

    The Automation Anywhere Enterprise administrator creates users with the Bot Creator and Bot Runner login credentials. Both of these users have permission to view bots. Only Bot Runner users have permission to run bots.

  • Ensure botsare available in the Control Room to run.


  1. From your the Google G Suite Sheets app, open and log in to the Automation Anywhere RPA Bots for G Suite panel as a Bot Runner user.

    To run bots, ensure the Bot agent or Enterprise Client are available:

    • For Automation 360 users: log in to the Google G Suite Sheets app from a registered device.
    • For Version or later users: log in the Enterprise Client first, then log in to the Google G Suite Sheets app.
    Log in to RPA Bots for G Suite
    The Run a Bot tab appears in the Automation Anywhere panel.
  2. Select a Botand Select a Bot Runner from their pull-down menus.
    The options listed are available on the Control Room.
  3. Select the sheet and cell range in the Input drop-down list to pass data from the Google G Suite Sheets spreadsheet to the bot. The options are:
    • Mouse Selection—Use your cursor, click and drag over the cells to select for input.
    • Enter Value—Select from the pull-down menu. Enter the range of cells in the Specify an Input Range field. For example, Sheet1!A1:B2. If you do not specify a sheet name, the data is displayed in the Google G Suite Sheets spreadsheet that is open.
  4. Select the Output tab, drop-down list to select how the data is returned from the bot to the Google G Suite Sheets spreadsheet after the bot is triggered. The options are:
    • None—No data is passed to the bot.
    • Default: Save to Cell—This option saves the results in a new Google G Suite Sheets spreadsheet called AutomationBotResult.
  5. Optional: Click Save as Favorite, complete the form and click Save.
    Complete the Save as Favorite form.
    1. Enter a Name and Description for the favorite.
    2. Click Save.
  6. Click Run to trigger the bot.
    If all the information entered is correct, the following message appears: Bot has been successfully triggered. The data is displayed in the specified spreadsheet or in the AutomationBotResult spreadsheet based on the output processing option you selected.

    The following message appears in Google G Suite Sheets when the bot run is complete: Congratulations, your bot.atmx is completed! The bot result is now processed by Map Output Variables. The bot results are also available from the Run Results tab.

  7. Click Save.
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