Create process connections in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

Connect your Control Room to Salesforce and save as a process connection to use in a process configuration.


Ensure the Control Room URL is safelisted in the Salesforce Remote Site Settings, otherwise attempting to create a new connection will fail. Then keep the Control Room URL and password available to authenticate a new connection. Another option is to generate an API key to use instead of your password. Remote Site Settings

Generate an API Key for Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

The default view of the Connections tab lists the Recently Viewed connections, which might be blank for first time users. To start any process request in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce, you must first have a successful live connection to a Control Room. Create and customize new connections for your individual business needs. Choose a connection name that complements the connection type for users to configure automations appropriately. This will optimize organizing channels and reports throughout your experience.


  1. From the Automation Anywhere for Salesforce Lightning App, navigate to the Connections tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select the Process connection type.
  4. Enter a Connection name.
  5. Enter the Control room URL.
    The following URL is an example.
  6. Enter your Automation 360 Username.
  7. Choose the Authentication type.
  8. Enter your API Key or Password.
  9. Click Authorize to verify connection to the Control Room.
    If successful, the gray signal box turns green to indicate the connection is live.
  10. Click Save.
The connection name appears in the list on the Connections tab. You can now begin configuring bots that use your newly added connection.