Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft v1.1 Release Notes

Review the new and changed features in Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft version 1.1.

New features
Run Bot sync operation

Automation 360 and 11.3.x

MuleSoft Anypoint Studio now provides a simpler Run Bot operation using synchronous configuration that requires an Execution Time Out variable defining a time limit for MuleSoft to wait for bot results before proceeding.

Run Bot sync for Mule flows

Advanced run bot settings for asynchronous and synchronous operations

Automation 360 only

  • Run bots with elevated permissions.
  • You can override the default device and specify a preferred device from a specific device pool.
Advanced run bot settings added for asynchronous operations

Automation 360 only

Specify which users and the number of run-as users to use for running bots.

Advanced run bot setting for Run with RDP

11.3.x only

You can use this setting in asynchronous and synchronous operations to run a bot using a remote desktop.

Changed features
The callback URL is now optional for synchronous operations to retrieve bot output in a Cloud deployment.