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Create a custom output script for RPA Bots for G Suite

  • Updated: 4/05/2020
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • AARI
    • Process flow

Create a custom output script for RPA Bots for G Suite

Use the default script or create a custom script to process the data that is returned from the bot. The output script is written in Google App Scripts code.

Create a new custom script to save or display the Google G Suite Sheets spreadsheet data results, call a REST API, or highlight or color a value in the spreadsheet to return data from the bot to the sheet.

To perform any Google G Suite function using App Scripts APIs, see Google Apps Script.

Optionally, use the default script. Select the Advanced Scripting tab and use the default option Default: Save to Cell. This option saves the results in the AutomationBotResult Google G Suite Sheets spreadsheet.


  1. From your the Google G Suite Sheets application, open and log in to the Automation Anywhere RPA Bots for G Suite panel.
  2. From the RPA Bots for G Suite panel, open the sub-menu (three vertical dots) and select Advanced Scripting.
    The Advanced Scripting page appears. It is pre-populated with the default Save To Cell script, name, code and test data.
  3. Edit an existing or create a new script. Select from the pull-down menus and enter or edit the text fields.
    Select a Script
    Select an existing script, use the default Save to Cell script, or Create New script .
    Script Name
    Enter a name for the script. When an existing script is selected, this is automatically filled.
    Enter or edit existing JavaScript code.
    Test Data
    Enter or edit existing
  4. Test the script. Click Test.
    A message appears indicating if the script was successful or not.
  5. Save the script, click Save.
    You cannot save the script until it passed testing.
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