Apigee integration

You can integrate Apigee with the Automation 360 API platform. Authenticate yourself to access a Control Room, deploy bots and perform various operations by using Control Room APIs.


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With Automation Anywhere you can do a two-way integration that allows inbound and outbound communication between Automation 360 and Apigee. The following video provides you an overview of the two-way integration.

The Apigee integration studio allows you to build integrations to connect with enterprise applications, databases, and event-driven systems using the features provided, such as connectors, integration engine, and data transformation tools. Automation 360 employs software bots that enable several industries to automate their repetitive business processes. Apigee will help you to create a custom integration to deploy the bots created using the Automation 360 platform. The following diagram shows the various components involved in the integration of with Automation 360 with Apigee.

Note: Deploy the prebuilt integrations by configuring your Automation 360 Control Room and bot parameters. For more information on deploying the prebuilt integrations, see Calling Automation 360 bots from Apigee.
The prebuilt integrations simplify access to Automation 360 bots by abstracting the underlying API integration between Automation 360 Control Room APIs and Apigee Integration Service.

Creating the main integration (TriggerA360Bot.json) and Creating a subintegration (LaunchA360Bot.json) are optional sections for advanced users that explains building the integrations. The first integration (Creating the main integration (TriggerA360Bot.json)) is mainly used to set up all the parameters, and these parameters will be passed on to the second integration (Creating a subintegration (LaunchA360Bot.json)).

Note: By dividing the integration, you can reuse the second integration by calling it with a different set of input parameters.