Workato integration

You can integrate the Automation 360 platform and Workato by using the Automation Anywhere connector. You can establish a connection with the Automation Anywhere Control Room and perform various operations by using the Control Room APIs.


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Workato combines an enterprise-grade workflow automation platform with the ease of use expected from consumer applications, enabling both business and IT users to quickly build work flow automations. Workato helps you to automate business workflows across cloud and on-premises applications. It is the only integration platform built to support a single design interface for both developer (IT) and citizen integrators. Workato ensures that the citizens and IT integrators have access to the same ease-of-use driven productivity improvements, and also offers citizens the same power and capability available to IT integrators.

Overview of Workato integration with Automation 360

You can now leverage the Automation Anywhere connector in Workato and access Automation 360 features such as RPA and intelligent automation within a Workato Recipe. You can use these features to build powerful end-to-end Recipes by combining the capabilities of Workato and Automation 360. Processes where Automation 360 automation can be used are order management, finance, human resource tasks, and many more.


  • You need a Workato account to use the Automation Anywhere connector. You can create a Workato account with a valid work email address in Workato Users.
  • You must have the relevant roles, access, and permissions within the Automation Anywhere Automation 360 Control Room to use all the actions in this connector.


Use the following actions in any Workato Recipe to perform various operations in the Automation Anywhere Control Room.
Action Description
List Retrieve a list of Users, Devices, or Bots (automated processes).
Custom action Build your own action with an HTTP request.
Deploy Deploy Bot with or without input, or call back URL.
Workitem Get, add, delete, or update a workitem to a queue in the Automation 360 Control Room.
In progress or historical activity Get in-progress or historical activity related details of Automation 360 Control Room.
Queue - Get Get list of all queues in Automation 360 Control Room.
Audit Logs Get the audit level log details from the Automation 360 Control Room.
Credential - Search by ID Search credentials by ID from the available list in Automation 360 Control Room.
Bot - Schedule Schedule specific bot (Automation process) in Automation 360 Control Room.
Credentials - Search by Name Search credentials by name from the available list in the Automation 360 Control Room.