Tips for mapping

Use the following tips to save time and simplify work on IQ Bot tasks.

  • Use the special character Pipe "|" Symbol to add multiple aliases to extract similar fields and table columns across multiple document classes. Using and alias helps you create generic IQ Bots.
  • When you resize any value region or create your own value region using select, its position gets fixed relative to the field label. The value for that field is always searched in that relative region.
  • Reset a fixed field region defined by the user in the auto-detected mode by clicking the close button at the top right corner of the field.
  • Map all the required fields or table columns. If missed fields or table columns exist, the system shows a warning icon against the missed fields or columns.
  • Define a reference column and footer (footer is optional, and does not always yield a message) for a table. Otherwise, the system shows a warning icon against the missed column/footer.