IQ Bot 11.x: Defining one or more linked fields in a child table

In the Designer, define one or more linked fields/sections in a child table, to link parent and child tables in a flexible way.

Use the linked fields in a child table feature in Designer to create table links, and a hierarchy of table links among parent and child tables. This helps efficient data extraction of the linked fields besides easy linking among tables. Foreign key data extraction allows the following relationships only:
  • Link single parent row to a single child row (one-to-one linking).
  • Link single parent row to multiple child rows (one-to-many linking).
Note: IQ Bot does not support linking of check boxes.

Use the feature for documents with a list of names or IDs with specific information on each. For example, documents from an electric company with a list of customers and their billing/usage information. Or a document with a list of student names displaying their test scores. Create multiple tables and link the common fields thus allowing efficient and accurate data extraction. IQ Bot supports linking of up to 50 columns and unlimited rows. However, data extraction from rows spanning across multiple pages is not supported.

  • Single parent-child table field/section linking:
    In the Table/Repeated Section of the Designer, choose one or more fields/sections from a parent table to link to a child table.
    1. Click Table Settings in the child table and click on Link Table Fields and select the parent table from the drop-down list of table names. This displays the available column options in the parent table you can choose to link to.
    2. Select the columns you want linked and click the downward arrow to link the columns to the child table.
    3. The linked columns display under child table > Table Settings > Linked to (table name).
    4. When previewing the extracted data (click See extraction results), the linked fields from the parent table show up in the extreme left columns of the child table.
  • Multiple hierarchical table field/section linking:
    When linking table 1, 2, and 3 in a hierarchy, link in a way so that table 1 is the parent of table 2, and table 2 is parent of table 3. All three tables would be linked. Child table 3 would display linked fields from table 2 and 1. IQ Bot supports hierarchy linking up to six tables at a time.
    Note: For table 3, you can only choose fields from table 2 that are not from table 1.
    When previewing the extracted data for child table 3 (click See extraction results), the extreme left columns show linked fields from table 1. The next columns show linked fields from table 2.
    Important: For successful linking, the child table must be at the same or lower level than the parent.