IQ Bot 11.x: Disable PDFBox option

The PDFBox option is enabled by default. Disable the option when you are training hybrid PDF documents containing images and text.

The PDFBox option works best with completely digital documents only. When using hybrid documents containing images and text, our recommendation is to disable the PDFBox option for better document classification.

There are two ways in which you can disable/enable the PDFBox option in IQ Bot:
  • Directly in the UI during the creation of a learning instance. In the Create new learning instance page go to Advanced Settings > Optical character recognition and disable/enable the My PDF documents do not have images check-box.
  • In the Setting.txt file described as follows.
Note: The PDFBox option is enabled in the system by default.


  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Automation Anywhere IQ Bot\Configurations.
  2. Open the Setting.txt file, and change PDFBoxOCREnabled=true to PDFBoxOCREnabled=false
    This turns off the processing of uploaded documents by PDFBox for new learning instances (after applying this change), and does not apply to the existing learning instances. IQ Bot will use your selected OCR engine for PDF documents as well.
    Note: When PDFBox is disabled, ensure that your PDF document is less than 60 pages.
  3. After updating the Setting.txt file, execution of stoppedanduninstalled and installedandstartedstart of IQ Bot services is not required.