Standard Forms for custom extraction

Standard Forms provides support for customized extraction of complex, fixed format documents used across various industry verticals. For example, Acord Forms are used as fixed format documents in the global insurance industry. Form CMS1450 (UB-04) is a fixed format document used in healthcare for billing and claims.

IQ Bot allows users to process fixed format documents without any required training. During instance creation, selecting a fixed format document domain lets the user skip the document training in the Designer, and the user only needs to select the appropriate fields. The created learning instance will have a single bot that is always in production.

IQ Bot provides the flexibility to use a custom extraction service with extraction models that are better suited for specific fixed format documents. The custom extraction services have pre-processing, extraction, and post-processing components that are optimized for extracting information from specific fixed format documents.

The custom extraction service also lets the user pre-process some forms in a different way.

Phases of processing fixed format documents

Follow the stages to process fixed format documents as a business user:
Import domains for fixed format documents:
Obtain domain files from Services, and import them to IQ Bot.
Create learning instance using fixed format documents:
Create a learning instance using a fixed format document and set the bot to production.
Process fixed format documents in production:
Upload documents to Enterprise Client and run the bot in the production environment. Then download the processed CSV file with the extracted data from the success folder on your machine.
Using Validator for fixed format documents processing
Finally, validate the extractions in the IQ Bot Validator.