RPA Bots for Mule 4 v1.1 – Versionshinweise

Überprüfen Sie die neuen und geänderten Funktionen in RPA Bots for Mule 4 Version 1.1.

Neue Funktionen
Run Bot sync operation

Automation 360 and 11.3.x

MuleSoft Anypoint Studio now provides a simpler Run Bot operation using synchronous configuration that requires an Execution Time Out variable defining a time limit for MuleSoft to wait for bot results before proceeding.

Run Bot sync for Mule flows

Advanced run bot settings for asynchronous and synchronous operations

Automation 360 only

  • Run bots with elevated permissions.
  • You can override the default device and specify a preferred device from a specific device pool.
Advanced run bot settings added for asynchronous operations

Automation 360 only

Specify which users and the number of run-as users to use for running bots.

Advanced run bot setting for Run with RDP

11.3.x only

You can use this setting in asynchronous and synchronous operations to run a bot using a remote desktop.

Geänderte Funktionen
The callback URL is now optional for synchronous operations to retrieve bot output in a Cloud deployment.