Monitoring dashboard of Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

Use the monitoring dashboard to view analytics and activity of Automation Anywhere for Salesforce.

The Automation Anywhere for Salesforce Dashboard provides detailed insight into bot usage, execution status, and user trends for progressive improvement. The dashboard is completely configurable to adapt to business needs.

Tiles include a header, briefly describing the content. The table below offers an overview of the default layout.

Table 1. Orientation of Automation Anywhere for Salesforce Dashboard
Section of tiles Data analysis
Left half Find insight about bot activity and stats.
Right half Find insight about execution activity and stats.
Top left The left three tiles offer base stats of Automation Anywhere for Salesforce. Use these to compare analysis from other tiles.
Top right The right three tiles offer primary execution activity. Use these as a snapshot of your organization's Automation Anywhere for Salesforce.
Bottom rows Find high level aggregates of various analytics.
Bottom left Find the highest stats of activity in the four bottom left tiles. Use these to capitalize on what automations are doing well and identify opportunities for potential automation in other areas.
Bottom right Find a breakdown of stats over stats in the four bottom right tiles. Use these to gain insight on how and where automations are executed.

Refreshing your dashboard

Automation Anywhere for Salesforce compiles data and creates reports in the dashboard, displaying the creation date in the top banner. This date indicates the accuracy of data in your dashboard. As new reports are created the dashboard needs to be refreshed to reflect updated data.
  • Click Refresh to immediately display an updated dashboard.
  • Click Subscribe to open a settings window where you can schedule an automatic refresh and choose to be alerted with updates.

Customize your dashboard

You can change the layout, appearance and components of your dashboard to suit your needs. If you would like to make changes, follow the steps below.
  1. From the Automation Anywhere for Salesforce Dashboard, click Open.
  2. In the new dashboard view, click Edit.
  3. Choose your customizations.
    Components offer insight by displaying a variety of reports and folders.
    Filtering elements, like specific accounts or files, focus the scope of the dashboard.
    Properties (gear icon)
    Open properties to change the appearance of the dashboard.
    Edit Component (pencil icon)
    Change the way that data is presented in a component, options include: charts, measurements, units, etc.
    Drag and drop components to change the layout.
  4. Save your changes when finished.