Get bot activity for Mule flows

Use the Get Bot Activity palette option that is part of the Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector to monitor bot activity.


  1. Install MuleSoft Anypoint Studio.
  2. Install Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector.
  3. Create MuleSoft Anypoint Studio flow project.

Add Get Bot Activity to Mule integration flow to collect data from the bot deployment. The Get Bot Activity works together with the On Bot Result in a Mule Flow.


  1. With your configuration file selected, in the Flow panel, drag the Get Bot Activity activity into your flow. For example, after an HTTP Listener activity.
    The Mule Properties panel displays the Get Bot Activity configuration options.
  2. Configure the connection to the Control Room.
    In the Basic Settings area, next to the Connector configuration field, click Plus to add a connection.
  3. In the Automation Anywhere Config dialog box, select an existing connector configuration or create a new configuration and enter the corresponding connection information:

    Connection types:

    • Basic Authentication Connection – Enter Control Room URL, user name, and password.
    • API Key Authentication Connection – Enter the Control Room URL, user name, and API Key.

  4. In the Source tab, select the default HTTP listener config or the Custom HTTP Listener created from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Test Connection. When the connection is successful, click OK to close the Test connection box, and then click OK to close the Automation Anywhere Config dialog box.
  6. Select the General tab, and enter the following information:
    Deployment id
    Required: Uses the deploymentId collected from the Run Bot Async > Output.
    1. Toggle the Expression check box.
    2. Enter #[payload.deploymentId]
  7. Optional: From the Advanced tab, select or enter the General information, including the following:
    Optional: Set the reconnection strategy type to reconnect to the Control Room for data transfer in the event of a failed connection.

    This can occur when multiple users are connecting to the Control Room at the same time and bandwidth is exceeded.

    1. Select Standard for the Reconnection strategy.
    2. Enter 2000 for Frequency (ms) to specify 2 seconds.
    3. Enter 2 for Reconnection Attempts.

      The recommended number of attempts is 2 - 5.