Automation Anywhere for Salesforce permissions and web components

Web components enhance the Salesforce experience by enabling a user to run bots directly from the record detail page and by returning status summaries and notifications. The proper permission set must be active for each user to access a component and add it to necessary pages.

Web components are built for the Salesforce Lightning UI framework and add functionality by coexisting and interoperating with the page as an added widget. A Salesforce administrator must assign the correct permission set and complete the required configuration for each component.

Permissions sets of Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

Two user permission sets are included with the Automation Anywhere for Salesforce connector:
AAI RPA Bots Administrator
Applied to any non-Salesforce admin users to allow other users in the business to configure and map RPA bots from Control Room to Salesforce.
AAI RPA Bots Lightning Component User
Applied to any business user who requires access to view and use the Automation Launcher component.
Important: This permission is mandatory for users to access the Automation Launcher.

Assign permission sets to users

An administrator assigns the permission sets to focus the Lightning Component Library, filtering access to different components, objects, and fields for your business requirements. Permission sets must be assigned one at a time.
Note: Assign your custom Permission Set for callback integration, and the AAI RPA Bots Lightning Component User Permission Set to Standard Users who will trigger bots from Salesforce.
  1. Navigate to Setup > User > Permission Sets.
  2. Click the permission set to assign.
  3. Click Manage Assignments from the overview page.
  4. Click Add Assignments.
  5. Select the check box for the users you intend to assign the permission set.
  6. Click Assign.

Lightning web components

Note: You must create a custom Salesforce domain to use Automation Anywhere Lightning Web Components because they are classified as custom components.

See the Installation and Configuration Guide in the Automation Anywhere for Salesforce AppExchange listing page to complete the required steps as an administrator for all users in your Salesforce Org.

Salesforce AppExchange

Automation Anywhere products include custom web components to enable users to run bots easily and access them from any record detail page. Two components are part of the Automation Anywhere for Salesforce connector:
Automation Launcher
The primary component used to run and track Task Bots from any Salesforce record page.
AAIRPA Configuration
Provides information to administrators for setting up automated flows in Salesforce Lightning Flow and Process Builder.

Adding a component in Lightning App Builder

Perform the following steps to manually add a component in Lightning App Builder.
  1. From the necessary page in Salesforce, select Setup > Edit Page.
  2. Find the required component in Components > Custom- Managed, and drag it to the page layout.
  3. Save your layout.
    Note: Before leaving the page, select Activate to apply changes to any edited layout.