Event triggers in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

Learn about event triggers and how to use them in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce.

Process Builder and Lightning Flow on Salesforce are primary mechanisms that create event-driven tasks to be performed wherein bots can be triggered. An administrator in Salesforce who creates or edits in Process Builder or Lightning Flow might require a configuration to trigger a bot as an action. Users should already be knowledgeable of terms and functions for Process Builder and Lightning Flow.

Not all bots are triggered by a user. Some bots have to be launched by an event-triggered flow in Salesforce. For example, a bot that collects information on a lead from external sources after a sales representative creates that lead record in Salesforce. The bot should be triggered based on an event, in this case the creation of a new lead record (the object) and only when the defined criteria in the flow is met. Being already familiar, the administrator defines the object and criteria of the event. Instructions on configurations for a bot to be triggered in an event are detailed in the following.