Automation Anywhere for Genesys

Start using an integration of Automation Co-Pilot in your Genesys system.

Automation Co-Pilot is an interface that improves navigation through complex business processes using front office and back office workflows. We currently offer an integration of Automation Co-Pilot in Genesys through the Genesys Client Application Integration framework. The Automation Co-Pilot interface offers automated solutions as an interaction widget within the Genesys Cloud agent desktop.

Supported Automation Anywhere Enterprise versions

The Automation Anywhere for Genesys interaction widget uses Automation Co-Pilot, licensing required.
  • Users with an existing license can access Automation Anywhere for Genesys by creating a widget directly from Genesys.
  • New users coming from the AppFoundry installer, must be directed to Automation 360. Automation Anywhere for Genesys is streamlined through cloud technology, therefore the installer is not compatible with On-Premises.

Accessing Automation Anywhere for Genesys

You can access the Automation Anywhere for Genesys integration by using one of two methods, depending on whether you are new to Automation Anywhere or already have a Control Room and license.
  • Existing users with a Control Room and license can use the Control Room URL to create a widget for the integration directly from the Genesys platform. Genesys interaction widgets offer dynamic content to interactions by integrating powerful solutions of the widget in your Genesys display. By combining information from Automation Co-Pilot in Genesys, you can leverage valuable insights to customer interactions, streamlining tasks and accuracy. Create and configure an Automation Co-Pilot widget in Genesys
  • Users without a licensed Automation Anywhere Control Room should use the installation wizard to gain access to Automation Anywhere for Genesys. Installation of Automation Anywhere for Genesys

Structure of the Automation Co-Pilot interaction widget

Automation Co-Pilot integrates with Genesys through an IFrame instance. The two systems do not share or pass data between one another. However, Automation Co-Pilot can assist users with workflows and business processes that are pre-constructed to resolve incoming calls. The following image illustrates the structure of the Automation Co-Pilot interaction widget, its features, and customer interaction.
The image shows the Automation Co-Pilot processes inside the widget and the widget inside Genesys that the agent uses to navigate the customer interaction.