Automation Anywhere for Salesforce 3.8 Release Notes

Review the new and changed features in Automation Anywhere for Salesforce version 3.8.

Supported Automation Anywhere Enterprise versions

Supported for Automation 360 Cloud deployment and On-Premises.

With the Automation Anywhere for Salesforce solution in the Automation Anywhere platform, you can run automated processes and bots for routine business processes from any Salesforce Cloud record page.

New features

New alerts for assigned tasks

A new status in the Automation Launcher now alerts you to unfinished Automation Co-Pilot tasks. The new Pending status has an embedded link to the task for easy navigation and management.
Changed features
Licenses are now user-based instead of organization-based. Automation Anywhere for Salesforce
The user interface can now be localized in all 12 languages that the Automation Anywhere Control Room offers.

The Connection and Bot Configuration menus are now different, and general updates made to the user interface now offer a more user-friendly experience.

  • To Test connection, you now have a button, instead of a connection status bar, and a resultant toast message.

  • You can now configure your bot by selecting from a subfolder menu in addition to the bot folder.

  • Run As Users and Device Pool selections now use UX "pills" under the selector to show the selected options and simplify deletion to the configuration. These pills are interactive tags, displayed in the interface, that indicate selections.