Create a device pool for Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

Create a new device pool and map the custom role created for the connector setup as a consumer of this device pool. Bots launched by the connector can be deployed only on devices in this device pool if the device pool is selected in the Bot Configuration Wizard.


  • Ensure you have installed the latest Bot Agent and registered the devices (local, remote, or both) before you add the devices to the device pool.

    Prerequisites for Automation Anywhere for Salesforce

  • The Create device pools feature permission or the AAE_Pool Admin role must be assigned to you.

While you can execute bots directly on the selected Run As Users defined in your custom role, Device Pools allow you to group devices with common characteristics together. For example, all devices to be used by a specific department.

  • You can add only those Unattended Bot Runners that are not part of any other pool and are not associated with any role.
  • You cannot create a device pool comprising of Attended Bot Runner.
  • You can add Control Room user roles as consumers. Only users with these roles can use the pool for any automation.
  • By default, the creator of the pool is the device pool owner.


  1. Go to the Manage > Device pools page.
  2. Click Create device pool on the top-right of the Device pools page.
  3. In the Create device pool page, enter a valid device pool name.
    For example, you can create a Finance Automation pool that can run all finance-related automations on Unattended Bot Runners from the finance department.
  4. Select Unattended Bot Runners from the list.
    You must select at least one Unattended Bot Runner to be added to the device pool. This list shows only the devices with Unattended Bot Runner licenses.
    Important: Unattended Bot Runners that are a part of other device pools are disabled for selection.
  5. Add the Unattended Bot Runners to the Selected devices list.
    Tip: Click the left arrow to remove the Bot Runner from the Selected devices list.
  6. Click Next to select the Device Pool Consumers.
    1. Select the custom role you created for the connector setup from the Available roles list.
      Tip: Search for a role name.
    2. Click the right arrow.
      The role appears in the Selected roles list.

      You can click the left arrow to remove the role from the Selected roles list.

  7. Click Create Device Pool.