Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft

Use the Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector to automate MuleSoft business processes by running bots directly from MuleSoft Anypoint Studio without switching to the Automation Anywhere Enterprise interface for those functions.

Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft is an intelligent automation solution offered on the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform exchange. The solution is a connector that enables users to automate tasks using bots within MuleSoft Anypoint Studio.

The following operations are included with your Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector:

  • Run bot sync
  • Run bot async
  • On bot result
  • Get bot activity

Specify and run the operations in MuleSoft integration flows to enhance capabilities of the flow.

The Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector can collect data from mapped sources then return and attribute the data into the flow to create solutions such as the following:
  • Add, update, or close accounts
  • Enrich leads with web-based data sources
  • Accounting processes such as quote-to-cash and procure-to-pay
  • Employee recruiting and onboarding

Set up the Automation Anywhere Control Room

The following is an overview of the prerequisites and steps you must perform in the Control Room before bots can be run in Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft.

  1. Verify system requirements and Control Room access and permission.

    Set up Control Room for Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft

  2. Create a Control Room user as a Bot Runner to establish a connection to the connector with permission to run a bot and pass data.

    Create Bot Runner user for Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft

  3. Create a custom role to map Bot Runners, bot folders, and pass data using the Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector.

    Create a user and assign a custom role for Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft

Install and get started with Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft

The following is an overview of how to install Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft and apply included operations in Mule flows to automate business processes using bots.

  1. Log in to your MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and download the Automation Anywhere Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector.

    Install the Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector

    The Automation Anywhere for MuleSoft connector uses the operations for two methods to run bots. Choose one that best suits your needs.

  2. Synchronized flows are the most direct:
    • Estimate the time it takes for your bot to return data to the Mule flow.
    • Configure the run bot operation to data sources, providing the desired bot and execution timeout.

    Run Bot sync for Mule flows

  3. Asynchronized flows provide more flexibility and require configuration of two flows to complete the process:
    • The Run bot async operation is configured for the bot to retrieve data in the first flow, requiring a bot key to link the next flow.
    • The On bot result operation is configured with an HTTP listener on the second flow to trigger the next process when the first flow receives data.
    • The Get bot activity operation is configured with the On bot result operation to pass the data returned by the bot through the Mule flow.

    Run Bot async for Mule flows