Installation of Automation Anywhere for Genesys

Install the Automation Anywhere for Genesys integration by using the wizard.

If you do not have a licensed Automation Anywhere Control Room, your best option to gain access to Automation Anywhere for Genesys is through the Genesys AppFoundry page. The purchasing process is as follows:
  1. Click the Contact Us button on the AppFoundry for an agent to discuss your licensing purchase. Genesys AppFoundry
  2. After you complete your purchase order, an email message will be sent to you, with which you can access the installer, and Automation Anywhere will then create your account and the necessary licensing.
  3. To process the installation, you will need Control Room provisioning options, which Automation Anywhere will deliver after completion of your account creation and necessary licensing. Provision Cloud Control Room instances
  4. After completing Control Room tenants through your provisioning options, return to the installer and enter the Control Room tenant URL.
  5. Use the installation wizard to deploy the integration with your organization details.