Version 6.5.2 Release Notes

This document for IQ Bot Version 6.5.2 describes new capabilities, changed features, fixed features (resolved issues), security fixes, deprecated features, and known behavior or limitations.

Note: IQ Bot Version 6.5.2 is a restricted release, and is not listed on the customer or partner portals. For access, contact your Automation Anywhere representative.

New Features

IQ Bot Version 6.5.2 New Features
Feature Description
Single click to extract text in the Validator In the Validator, users can click on any text region to select the text instead of typing it.
API access New APIs have been added for:
  • Return a list of filenames for validation status.
  • Download a zip folder containing files.
  • Delete specified files in the output folder.
Document group description A Description tab has been added for entering a descriptive label or information, such as vendor names, about the associated document group.
Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR engine 1 IQ Bot now has native support for Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR engine. For example: It can help handwriting, driver licenses, and passport extraction.
Important: Internet connectivity is required.
Add user logic in the Designer In the Designer, under Logic, Python language support has been added, so power users can add custom code to:
  • improve extraction and validation in production
  • skip Validator
  • flag errors that could not be flagged before
  • reduce post-processing of IQ Bot output
Internationalization and localization: Italian and Portuguese You can now select Italian and Portuguese to show the UI in that language.
Note: Any part of IQ Bot UI that is linked to the database appears only in English. Language support for these is upcoming in a future release.
Note 1:
This is a beta feature.

Changed Features

IQ Bot Version 6.5.2 Changed Features
Feature Description
Updated SDK modules The SDK has been updated to match Control Room Version 11.3.x. This removes the need to change the flag.
Access IQ Bot without sysadmin role that includes support for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) out of the box The sysadmin SQL database role requirement has been removed from the IQ Bot installer. The following privileges are checked instead:
  • SQL connection
  • database creation
  • view any database
Installation with Microsoft Azure SQL requires the following role: dbmanager
Localized text in UI updated The localized UI text has been updated for Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.
View and test all documents in the Designer > See extraction results Users can select and test not some but any of the uploaded documents in See extraction results, to train more robust bots.
Role-Based Access Control updates for IQ Bot Version 6.5.2 All standard roles and permissions for IQ Bot work as before with the exception of custom roles. See Define access to learning instances using custom roles for more information.

Fixed Features

Note: For future releases all fixed features will be tracked via external ticket system. For current and previous releases, customers and partners filled out external tickets or worked with internal representatives who helped file internal tickets on their behalf.
IQ Bot Version 6.5.2 Fixed Features
COG internal ticket number Description
COG-15749 AND COG-15664 Reworked migration utility feature to better support classifier versioning at the learning instance level, which fixes the migration overwrite option.

(Zendesk - 209799)

IQ Bot upgrade from v5.2 to v6.5 succeeds despite large increase in SQLServer log volume.
COG-15745 AND COG-15767 In a cluster environment:
  • No files are lost during document processing in production environment.
  • My total and My learning instance tiles on dashboard displays are in sync when showing the STP %.
  • Documents sent to the Validator are automatically validated and show the correct STP %.
COG-15426 IQ Bot shows the correct bot numbers when importing learning instances with the merged option.
COG-17211 IQ Bot is able to import learning instances with unclassified group.

(Zendesk 210705)

IQ Bot Version 6.5 performance is improved when loading the learning instance page with a large number of Bots.
COG-15355 Trying to access a learning instance created by a different user role shows an error message instead of a blank screen.
COG-15864 AND COG-15883 IQ Bot Designer is responsive:
  • the text segments display correctly.
  • results are displayed when the See extraction results button is clicked.
COG-16765 Japanese and Korean unicode character corrections are getting stored correctly in the Bot database.
COG-16086 The width of the field value input box is now the same as the width of the field name input box.
COG-15417 If a user moves column fields from one table to another table in Designer, the sequence of selection of these fields will appear in See extraction results view.
COG-17032 Even if a document is open for ~20 minutes in the Validator, user is able to validate all the errors and save the document.
COG-17348 Displays the correct Copyright year for all IQ Bot DLLs.
COG-15669 IQ Bot can continue with pen sessions over a period of few days without slowing down or the need to restart services. The system can continue to work and be responsive.
COG-17909 On a learning instance page, when navigating through pages for listed groups, the pagination is stable and works as expected.
COG-17908 When there are lot of groups in a learning instance, navigating back to the Back to training page does not take long.
COG-17108 IQ Bot is able to recognize the spaces in specific content. For example: "Logitech M100 Mouse" is output correctly with the appropriate spaces in between the words.
COG-17338 In the Validator page, user is able to scroll through the entire document using the scroll bar.
COG-17721 In a non-cluster environment, My total and My learning instance tiles on the IQ Bot dashboard display the correct document processed count and STP %.
COG-17515 IQ Bot does not display any error screen after learning instance creation and before opening the document in Designer.

Deprecated Features

There are no deprecated features listed for IQ Bot in this version.

Known Limitations

IQ Bot Version 6.5.2 Known Limitations
JIRA/Zendesk ticket number Description
Customer service: 13420
Text segments might not get generated for PDFs with multiple file formats on different pages.
Tip: A current workaround is to convert the PDFs to TIFF files before uploading to IQ Bot.
CGNSRV-436 IQ Bot UI response can be slow due to multiple users. The dashboard refresh can be slow due to ~50+ learning instances or a large number of groups per learning instance.

Users can experience longer file upload times for files whose cumulative size is greater than 10MB, when using the APIs.

CGNSRV-362, CGNSRV-457, CGNSRV-521, COG-16030 Several customers have reported cases where some tables, without headers, spanning multiple pages could have skipped rows during extraction.
CGNSRV-356, CGNSRV-368, CGNSRV-372, COG-16891 Several customers have reported table extraction skipping some required rows to be extracted.
CGNSRV-467 IQ Bot healthcheck can incorrectly return a NOT OK message when learning instances are loading.
COG-18977 While upgrading to a different IQ Botversion, incorrect timestamp is inserted for the uploaded documents. The previous version of files have the local timestamp, and the new uploaded files have the timestamp based on the time of the machine (UTC).
COG-19485 If a new group is created in production, or if a user uploads documents to IQ Bot in production, and retroactively toggles the learning instance to production, the download API feature does not work for those documents.