Log files in IQ Bot

Find out the different logs generated for IQ Bot components and the location of logs.

IQ Bot components

Component Log File Related Feature or Functionality Location
  • IQBotSetupLog.log
  • MSI****.log
Gateway service Gateway.log

Provides connectivity to Control Room(authorization, roles, permissions, and auditing)

Gateway for all inward requests to other micro-services

%public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs
Alias service Alias.log

Serves different domains, language, fields or columns, and their alias related APIs

Add, Import, or Export domain

%public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs
Application service Application.log Serves handshake for App registration, updating on configuration IN DB and the V2 API's %public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs
Classifier service ClassifierWorker.log

Supports RabbitMQ for incoming classification requests

For each request, it spins a Classifier Executor

It is not a API service, but only takes operation work through RabbitMQ queue (topic_classification)

%public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs\Engine
File Manager service FileManager.log Serves different APIs related to files %public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs
Project service ProjectService.log

Serves different APIs related to project (Learning Instance)

IQBA Migration

%public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs
Report service Reports.log Dashboard and Metrics %public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs
Validator service Validator.log Responsible for activities (Visionbot) after a production document is processed %public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs
VisionBotEngine service VisionBotWorker.log

Supports RabbitMQ for incoming Visionbot related requests

For each request, it invokes VisionbotEngine Executor

%public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs\Engine
VisionBot Manager VisionbotService.log Serves different APIs related to Visionbot %public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs
Machine Learning
  • MLTranslationService.log
  • MLWebService.log
Responsible for validator input and output based supervised learning data %public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs
Web Server (Node.js)

Gateway Client


Front end server that serves as a gateway for all requests to IQBot (e.g. from frontend, visionbot command)

%public%\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Logs

Other Automation Anywhere applications interacting with IQ Bot

Component Log File Related Feature or Functionality Location
Control Room
  • query-engine-xxxx.log
  • WebCR_xxxx.log
  • aa_cr_elasticsearch_xxxx.log
  • zoomdata_xxxx.log
Enterprise Client


Provides essential features to record, modify, manage, and run tasks %public%\Documents\ Automation Anywhere Client Files\ LogFiles\ServiceLogs

Third party applications interacting with IQ Bot

Component Log File Related Feature or Functionality Location
SQL Server
  • Application
  • Windows
Start Menu > Event Viewer > Windows Logs
RabbitMQ rabbit@<hostname>.log Serves as a message broker %appdata%\RabbitMQ
See IQ Bot 11.x: Set up log file automatic rollover.