IQ Bot Version Release Notes

Review the changed features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version for IQ Bot. There are no security fixes in this release.

What's changed

IQ Bot now uses the latest version of Python (3.11.1) for custom logic validation. To use the latest version, you must update from cx_Oracle 8.3 to python-oracledb. See Upgrading from cx_Oracle 8.3 to python-oracledb.


As of the latest build in IQ Bot, the Automation Anywhere Cognitive MLScheduler Service is removed.

Service Cloud Case ID: 00667608

The security vulnerability related to an unquoted service path that contained whitespace has been fixed. Previously, the Windows host referred to an installed service that used an unquoted service path which contained whitespace in the Automation Anywhere Cognitive Console: D:\Program Files (x86)\Automation Anywhere IQ Bot\Portal\node modules\winser\bin\nssm64.exe.

Service Cloud case ID: 01880370

You no longer see duplicate group entries when you import the IQ Bot archive (IQBA) file.

Service Cloud case ID: 00746545, 00827208, 00836859, 01824946

IQ Bot no longer shows any duplicate fields in the Validator. Previously, there was a mismatch in the field IDs between the source and target machine for the Custom Domain which caused duplicate fields in the Validator.

Service Cloud case ID: 01822954

While exporting learning instances from one environment to another, IQ Bot now updates the visionBotId in the exported data.You can edit bots in the destination environment without any errors.

Service Cloud case ID: 00832744

An unexpected error that occurred due to large unnamed RabbitMQ message queues has been fixed and you can now navigate to the Learning Instance page without any issue.

Service Cloud case ID: 00833174, 00830141

Document Classifier now classifies documents perfectly with all aliases. Previously, Document Classifier threw an System.OutOfMemoryException error while processing aliases with spaces which caused a large amount of search loop for each field of the document.

Service Cloud case ID: 01765562

When you enable the Never Create New Group option, the document moves to the validation queue instead to the new group. Previously, even though you selected Never Create New Group, the document still moved to a new group.

Service Cloud case ID: 01275259

The IQ Bot application now loads successfully and all transactions on the Learning Instances are successful. Previously, the Bot application was not loading if you had more than 8000 groups and a large amount of group data.

Service Cloud case ID: 01758636

Known limitations

For non-English languages such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, you cannot create a learning instance if the file name contains more than 104 characters.