Track page count on IQ Bot Dashboard

IQ Bot keeps track of pages that are uploaded to production and displays the information on the dashboard. Users can view the number of pages uploaded to compare against their purchased license limit.

  • This feature is available IQ Bot Version 6.5.x onward.
  • When you upgrade from an IQ Bot version earlier than Version 6.5.x, documents migrated from the earlier version will not be counted in track page count.
Each document uploaded to IQ Bot production using RPA is counted towards the license limit.
  • See the number of pages uploaded in the IQ Bot Dashboard, learning instance dashboard, learning instance summary, and at the group level.
  • When IQ Bot processes a document, the dashboard shows an incremented page count.
  • On deleting a learning instance, the page count on the IQ Bot Dashboard remains unchanged.
  • IQ Bot counts the pages of classified and unclassified files. Only corrupt files that cannot be opened will not have any effect on page count.
  • Documents uploaded to staging are not included in the page count.