IQ Bot 11.x: Adding custom logic to improve automatic extraction in production

Enter the logic in the IQ Bot Designer to improve text extraction and validation, and to reduce the number of documents entering the Validator that requires RPA post processing.


For Automation 360 IQ Bot Cloud, there is an identified list of Python libraries and packages that are safe to use for the Custom Logic feature. Use only these packages to ensure security for your cloud infrastructure, file systems, databases, and network resources:

Keep in mind the following:

  • Custom logic executes in a sequential order across all tables and fields.
  • Applying custom logic might increase the extraction time per document.
  • Automation 360 IQ Bot validation rules apply over the extracted values processed by the custom script.
  • Custom script only works on the extracted data and does not influence the OCR extraction quality.
The custom logic feature helps clean up extracted values ahead of the validation step but does not replace all the post-processing currently done using the Task Bot. In addition to adding inline scripts, users can use the Python scripts in a central location, import those as modules, and call functions to reduce the amount of Python code at the field or table level.
Restriction: If the number of characters in the Python code along with other information exceeds 32000, and when this code is sent to the back-end as a Windows runtime argument for the process, the execution fails, and does not display any error message.


To learn more, search for Using Custom Logic in IQ Bot course in Automation Anywhere University: RPA Training and Certification (A-People login required).

Next step

Using scripts, in the IQ Bot Designer add the Form fields and Table fields.